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  • Akim of region


      Оразбаев Ділдәбек Тәжібайұлы – аким Тарбагатайского района

    Address: Kazakhstan Republic, 071500
    East Kazakhstan Area, Tarbagatay region, village Aksuat, Tolegetay baba street №1.
    Telephone: 8 (723-46) 2-11-00.
    Number of fax: 8 (723-46) 2-18-47.
    Time of the acceptance: Every Monday since 2.00 p.m. before 6.00 p.m.
    Telephone confidences: 8 (723-46) 2-13-00.

    The General manual region, realization program action organ executive authorities of the region.
    Checking for performing the Laws R7K, normative legal acts of the president, Government of RK, decisions and dictations akim of the area, realization of the Governmental programs.