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    Konysbaev Serikbek Rahymberdinovich

    Konysbaev  Serikbek Rahymberdinovich – chief section CX and veterinary.

    Konysbaev Serikbek Rahymberdinovich – was born 5 may,  1963 year in village  Akzhailau , region Kokpekti. The  nation of Kazakh  Education. In 1985 year to finish Semey   zootechnical  veterinary institute  specialist  doctor veterinary.
    With 1985 -1990 years to work in village  «Lenin –zholu»  doctor  veterinary with 1990 -1995 years chief farmer №2  and №3  with 1995-1996 years
    Chairman PK «shetbogas»  with 1996-2000 years property shetbogas  in 2001-2002 years specialist region CX chief with 2002-2009 years to work teacher specialist veterinary inspector chief region territory. With 7 december 2009- august 2011  year  manager in village Kuzul-Kesik. Since August 2011 worked as the head of department of agriculture and veterinary medicine. Since February 2013 was appointed chief of staff of Tarbagatay region`s akim. Married. To have 2 daughter ,1 son.

    The Functions:

    -The Organization of the functioning the device, on provision of activity of Akim in region.
    -The Study and contributing the offers on trained questions, assignable by Akim of the region.
    -The Purpose and liberation workman device.
    -The Organization of the training the personnel, their qualification.
    -Organizing and material and technical ensuring the counsels and meeting, the other action, conducted by Akim and its deputy, documental provision to activity of Akim in region, its deputies, improvement paperwork, ensuring the internal labor routine of the device, co-ordination of the work on checking for performance of the taken decisions and dictations.
    Ensuring the interaction of Akim , with district Maslihat, independent executive organ.
    The Co-ordination to activity Akims of the rural and village.
    The Direction of the work: interconnection with political party, public associations and organization, not state by sector civil society, religious associations;
    the co-ordination of the work in the field of International of the relations, language and onomastical politicians; the cooperation with veterinary, feminine and youth organization; the cooperation with Mass media; the analysis of the execution plan social-economic development of the district, district regional programs on supervised branch.

    The Address: Republic Kazakhstan, 071500 East-Kazakhstan region         
    Tarbagatay district, village Aksuat, street Tolegetay baba 1
    Telephones: 8-723-46- 2-22-20,
    Number of the fax: (8 72346) 2-18-47
    Time of the acceptance: the first and the second Wednesday of each month since 02 p.m. before 06 p.m.
    Telephone of the confidence: 8 (72346) 2-13-00