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  • The State institution "Akim of Oychilik rural district"

    Ygiev Serikkali ZHumagalievich – Akim of Oychilik rural district.

    Was born on the 20th of January in 1964, in settle Oyshilik, Aksuat region, Semipalatinsk area. On nationality is- Kazakh. Education is- high. In 2010 graduated Semey University by name SHakarima. On Profession zoo technical.
    1981-1983-is a student of Semipalatinsk veterinary institute,
    1984-1986 in rows of Army power,
    1986-1988 -is a driver of the state farm Komsomol,
    1989-1995 -is a zoo technic state farm Komsomol,
    1995-2002 -is a- Chief of peasant facilities "Akbota"
    2002-2004 - is a driver peasant facilities "Akbota",
    2004-2010 - is a leading specialist on agriculture, since December 31st in 2010 acting of Akim.
    Since February the 17th 2011 Akim of Oychilik rural district.

     The Official telephone: (872346) 23-166-;
     The Fax: (872346) 23-166
     Receiving days: Friday of each week.

    Function Akim of Oychilik rural district.

    Akim of Oychilik rural district organizes work on the grounds of requirements of the Law "About local state management" and "About state service" in Republics Kazakhstan. Work on performing the acts of the President RK, Government RK, Akims of the area and region.

    The Short feature of Oychilik rural district.

    The Main trends of the economy of Oychilik rural district is a traditional Cattle breeding, in addition land facilities. Basically our county is ranked to agrarian. The Rural county on the number of the sheep and large horned live-stock occupies the leading places in region. The Territory district touch with territory Republic of China, westward with Kumkol northward Kuygan, on south territory with territory Urdzhar region. As of on the 1st of January 2011 number of the population are -2483 persons, they are situated in populated points is Tana-myrza, Esim, Aynabastau, Akzhal, Tomar. The Ethnic composition population district 99,8 %, the other nationalities -0,2 %.
    Oychilik rural county is founded in 1963 on the grounds of state farm Komsomol. The General land area forms 15455 hectare. On use of the agriculture 1182 hectare, including ploughed field 3072 hectare, hayfield 7660 hectare, pasture 87945 hectare. Rest land area forms 4556 hectare. Land area rural district is located in card on the second zone. The Administrative centre Oychilik is located in 31 km from district centre, from railway station Ayaguz, ZHangiz -tobe 204 km.

    Agricultural direction.
    The County cattle breeding concerns with in basically, partly plant growing. At January of the year live-stock reached large pieces horn live-stocks are -5147, cortex -3191, sheep-nanny goats 23927, sheep -16367, horses -1239. The Live-stock of the live-stock grows since each year. On the whole county 93  facilities. The Main trend peasant facilities meat, milk, wool, the main their share happens to the household. The Large facilities as "Aysha", "ZHotaly ZHartas", "ZHartas", "Amanzhol", "Akbota" , "Sabina" , "Nurdaulet" provides the local population.
    Small businesses.
    It Is Registered 12 economic subjects concerning with average business, 12 trade shops. On work are attracted 14 persons.
    The Social direction.
    In county functions 2 average, 1 grade school. In school 600 pupils, 75 teachers, school properties "Togas batur" is considered by standard school, provision computer forms 76,3%, is well provided textbook, scholastic methodical allowance.
    The Public health.
    In county 1 household-physician dispensary "Oyshilik", 4 medical assistant of the point render physician help to local population. In the system public health 2 physicians with higher educations, 9 nurses with secondary educations. There is new ambulance. For prevention of the diseases and for reduction sick are preventive works.

    The Culture and sport.
    In county functions 1 library, 1 athletic common-room. The Libraries since each year are complemented new book. In library village there is 1200 books. The Number of the readers grows at each year. In rural county and in school by name Togas batur is often conducted cultural-mass action for culture level lifting, for development national tradition.

    In rural county number housing houses forms 350, the main share to usages-private.
    The Development and developments are sown.
    On program of the development is sown on 2011 in county are conducted functioning miscellaneous. In populated points is Tana-myrza, Esim, Oyshilik was planted 300 young tree. On program of President of the Republic Kazakhstan "ZHasyl -el" go functioning in populated points on planting of trees and shrubs of the streets and courtyard. Protection green seedling has undertaken the inhabitants of the village and populated points.