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  • Land affairs
  • Information about the works of land relations department in 8 months of 2011

    Tarbagatay district has only 2373190ga land including 29082ga tillage, fallow-19897ga, senakosov - 89009ga and pasture-1999481ga, land.
    The district is 2508 One unit selhozov units, followed by fixed arable hectare -8043, deposits of 15 325 hectares, 49990gektar hayfields, pastures - 1068890gektar.

    The Department of land relations Tarbagatai district for eight months, received total - 107 complaints about the allocation, change of ownership of land. All applications are considered in terms stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to Article 43 of the Land Code of the RK is conducted monthly by the District Land Commission allocation of land. For eight months conducted only - 14 commissions, it was considered 107 complaints on the basis of the decision the Land Commission report issued to the applicant on his hands within 7 days. Issued directions for the issue of source documents 94.

    Since the beginning of the year is written out 110 orders for the further registration of land plots to get the act on land use. Received a total of 88 projects and it made a total of 88 judgments of the district akimat.
    Every day we check the state acts for the right time for the repayable grant and land use, private farming - 91 units. In granting land to individuals and legal entities, registration of land acts each year are of the lease - 91 and sale of land. As well as the documents are issued to land in special land fund area closed off 13 farms with a total square 7149.8 ha.