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    Results of the executed works of a department of employment and social programs of area Tarbagatajskogo for 12 months 2011
    Regional department of employment and social programs, the state labour inspector, the center on payment of pension spends планированную work within the limits of the law on social protection of the population.
    In area the active policy on protection needy by family invalid, and also unemployeds is spent. In 2010 under the program of maintenance
    The population work in January, February on area had been registered 6505 unemployeds that makes 0,9 % of able-bodied population. On area quantity of unemployeds 204 person, that 0,7 %. This parameter on 0,1 % below a regional parameter. For 2011 it has been registered 464 person work, they have been put on 2011 298 person have been provided by work. For this time 994 new places of work have been opened.
    Under the program of employment of the population in it
    To year it has been provided 12 person under the youth program
    For paid public work it has been directed 724 person. The plan is executed on 144,81 %.
    Under the program of vocational training and retraining on improvement of professional skill and retrainings 35 person is planned to direct for improvement of professional skill, for this purpose is allocated 1596,0 thousand tenge. For January, 1st 35 person are directed, the plan is executed on 100 %.
    For development of the program "Motoring map" on area Tarbagatajskomu it is spent
    Following work.
    Under the program " the Youth practice " it is allocated 3900 thousand tenge for a direction for 6 months of temporary work of 25 graduates with the maximum and средне-special formation. Under the specified program 25 person are directed for work on the speciality, the plan is executed on 100 %.
    In area Tarbagatajskom 2011году under the program "Motoring map" under 19 projects it is allocated 139665,8 thousand tenge (from them: from the regional budget of 101406,8 thousand tenge, from the local budget of 38259,0 thousand
    Tenge) for work 145 person of the registered unemployeds also is directed.
    Under the law entered from January, 2002 " About the state nominal social help " 2011 for payment of the nominal social help it is allocated from the budget of 23241,83 thousand tenge and it is paid 26071,0 thousand tenge. In conformity to law РК" About state the grant to large families " to children till 18 years 124877,8 tenges are allocated the grant.
    In conformity with clause 47 of law РК" About housing attitudes " For the maintenance of the house
    And payments of municipal services-conformity to rules from the budget it is allocated 3298,7 For 2011 it is mastered and paid 3324,0 thousand tenge.