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    About the done work for 2011 a department of housing and communal services, and highways
    The general extent of highways of the general using in area makes - 792,2 km, including:
    Highways of republican value - 265 km (33,4 %);
    Highways of regional value - 211 km (26,7 %); highways of regional value - 316,2 km (39,9 %).
    For carrying out current
    Repair of highways of local regional value from the regional budget it is allocated and mastered 50 million tenge.
    On motorways in direction operating repairs of 1 bridge and 3 water-carrying pipes are made.
    On roads between settlements 66 pieces километражных traffic signs, and also 30 штук-in are established with. Аксуат, with. Акжар street traffic signs.
    For carrying out of operating repair of highways in direction from
    The regional budget it is allocated and mastered 15 million tenge.
    2011 within the limits of "Motoring map" operating repairs of 2 bridges at entrance in are made with., and also 10 km of a motorway of entrance at with. Жетиарал for a total sum 35,185 млн.тенге which are completely mastered.
    - The bridge at entrance in with. it is allocated and mastered 5,338 million tenge;
    - The bridge at entrance in with. it is allocated and mastered 8,744 million tenge;
    -10 km of a motorway of entrance at is allocated and
    It is mastered 21,103 million tenge.
    In area from 65 settlements the centralized water supply provides 13 villages, or 49,8 %. The general extent of water supply systems makes - 139 km, from them of 108 km operates, 31 km requires under repair.
    Within the limits of the Program "Motoring map" operating repairs in are made with. Жаланаш and drilling of chinks with. where from the allocated means of the local budget 13,2 million tenge it is mastered completely.
    In area vagrant dogs who are burnt and
    Are dug special On area 123 objects of life-support, from them function: boiler-houses on firm fuel-67, on electroboilers-55, boiler-houses on liquid fuel-1.
    During preparation for a cold season of 2011-2012 repair work on 3 objects of formation, 1 kindergarten, 3 objects of culture and 1 office building for the sum 90 080,4 thousand tenge is planned and completed.
    All budgetary the organizations, including objects of budgetary sphere on
    The remote settlements, are provided by a normative stock of firm fuel.
    Now in area 1 autostation, being in functions with.