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    Tarbagatay district‘s Chairman of the court- Adilizhanov Tleuhan Sovethanovich
    Adilizhanov Tleuhan Sovethanovich graduated law school KAZSU by Al-Farabi. 1993 on election by advice regional deputy was elected judge on administrative and executive production of Aksuat district public court. 1995 public judge of Urdzhar district court, since December 1996 chairman of Abay district court, 2000 chairman of Kurchum district court, since December 2003 before February 2009 chairman of Urdzhar district court 2.
    Since February 2009 chairman of Tarbagatay district court.
    Be married, brings up 3 children.

    The Directions to activity of the district court:

    The Judicial power in Republic Kazakhstan protects the right, liberties and legal interests of the people and organization, provides the performance to Constitutions, laws, other normative legal acts, international agreements. The Judicial power is realized on behalf of state only. The Courts main and average local courts are identified section or court to general jurisdiction. Coming from volume authority, courts are referred to as also location: the first, appellate and control. District and leveled to him courts - a courts to first location. They consider civil, criminal and administrative deals, material, referred to their jurisdictions.

    About judicial system of Tarbagatay district

    At present, the staff number of the district court consists of two judges, managing chancellery - 1, secretaries of the judicial meetings - 2, specialist chancellery - 3, judicial police officer, driver - 1, workers - 3.
    Creation of the Tarbagatay district court on history document complies with creation in 1939 in Semipalatinsk region and Aksuat district.
    The Decision of the executive committee labor deputy in Semipalatinsk region 7-10 from 25.09.1970 is created division to Justices of the executive committee labor deputy in Semipalatinsk region. Aksuat district public court was in subordination this division to Justices. In accordance with Constitutions USSR Advice labor deputy was renamed to Advice public deputy, but division to Justices was named by division of the executive committee public deputy in Semipalatinsk region.
    The Decision of the executive committee public deputy of Semipalatinsk region 7-3 from 24.12.1988 division to Justices was abolished and created Governing the Justice Semipalatinsk region. Aksuat district court since December 1988 on February 1992 was subordinated governing the Justice.
    The Law of the Republic Kazakhstan "Cessations of the action of the separate rates to Constitutions USR" from February 1992 was abolished executive committee public deputy in Semipalatinsk region. The Relationship with this was abolished governing the Justice of the region. In connection with performance in correspondence to of the item 25 Laws Kazakh USR "About contributing change and addition in Laws Kazakh USR at connecting period" local council public deputy was management and executive organ in Semipalatinsk regional administration. Its controlled the leader to administrations. Governing the Justice was at administrations in Semipalatinsk region. Aksuat public court complied with this Management.
    In accordance with article 87 Constitutions RK from August 30 1995 duties of the leader organ device of state local management was entrusted in devices of Akim Semipalatinsk region. Since March 1996 Aksuat public court was named by Aksuat district court of Governing the Justice Semipalatinsk region.
    In accordance with Edict of the President RK 3482 from 03.05.1997 "About improvement regional-administrative structures" is abolished Semipalatinsk region and Governing the Justice of the region.
    The Decision of Akim EKA from 26.05.1997 territory of Aksuat district was included in Tarbagatay district EKA. The District centre was specified village Aksuat. Aksuat public court renamed on Tarbagatay district court and complied with the Justices of EKA in Governing.
    In accordance with Constitutional Law RK "About judicial system and status to judges of the Republic Kazakhstan" since January 2001 was formed Manager court of EKA. At this point of time, Tarbagatay district court will comply with the Manager a court region.
    The District courts of Tarbagatay district
    1949-1951 chairman of the court was Asylbekov ZHumabek.
    1952 - 1954 y. chairman of the court Sabyrbaev Biyahmet
    1955 – 1964y. Chairman Rahimbaev Toleubay  
    1965 - 1980 y. chairman Ahmetov Kadirbay
    1980-1983 y. chairman Kerimbaev Murat Kabdollauly
    1983 - 1993 y. chairman Karymsakov Serik Orazbayuly
    1993 - 1995 y. chairman Suleymenov Askar Abayhanuly
    1995 - 1996 y. chairman Adilibaeva Gulinar Fazylkyzy
    1996 - 2002 y. chairman Adilibekov Erbol Elibekuly
    2002 - 2003 y. chairman Taytoleuov Bauyrzhan Kabykenuly
    2003 - 2009 y. chairman ZHukenova Kaziza Badaukyzy. 

    Since February 2009 chairman of Tarbagatay district court Adilizhanov Tleuhan Sovethanovich
    Address: Republic Kazakhstan, 071500 East-Kazakhstan region Tarbagatay district, village Aksuat, street Ablayhana 14

    Tarbagatay district’s Chairman of court Adilizhanov Tleuhan Sovethanovich.
    Contact telephone: 8 (72346) 2-12-46, 2-14-46
    Telephones of the confidence: 8-(72346) 2-12-46
    E- mail:
    Receiving the people: Monday - Thursday since 9 a.m. before 04 p.m. receiving the inhabitants of the district